The rise of distance learning can have a variety of significant effects in higher-education. Studies in ancient history also contribute to the development of science. For instance, the demographic of the typical undergraduate student has drastically changed. If we know the roots of the issues, then we can better understand the similar issues we face now.

Students’ average age enrolled in the University of Phoenix is around 33 and more than half of students who take online classes are currently female. For instance, we can study the causes of diseases, beginning at the source of their causes. The advent of online education has led to the transformation of traditional colleges. There are numerous historical stories of diseases, plagues, epidemics, etc. that have helped scientists follow the development of the disease over time to present. Currently 93% of brick and mortar schools offer online classes.

This has enabled researchers develop new cures or treatments. A growing number of institutions, including those at the University of California Berkeley, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer online classes for free, known as open courseware, which include videos and quizzes that are taken directly from discussions in class. In other instances, scientists can make use of actual evidence, such as archaeological sites, like those that date back to Rome as well as Egypt. As technology advances and online courses are deemed to be reputable experts in education predict that distance education will continue to grow and become more complex in the near future. A good example of this is the work currently being carried out in cancer researchdue to mummies. Certain leaders in the field believe that the number of online students will increase to nearly 19 million in 2014. These are giving researchers new insights about the progress and progression of this disease across a greater time period than they thought was possible.

To help encourage this the growth of online students, President Barack Oabama has pledged over $500 million to fund the development of online courses with new materials that will fuel the sector. The history of the world is interwoven with many other areas which could not develop without it . Additional Studies. These include medical expertise psychology, sociology, social structure Health and Safety as well as forensics, linguistics building, planning, the list could go on and on.

If you are looking to play an active role in the expanding area of education online studying computer science will give you a solid base in the theoretical and technical aspects of technology in computers and equips you with the knowledge that you require to develop innovative devices for distance learners. An Moral Obligation. If, however, you’re looking to learn about the business aspects of running a successful online school, a degree in business administration can teach you about the various aspects that make up an effective business including management and marketing to accounting and finance. Apart from being able to describe specific modern circumstances The study of the past is vital to the development of mankind. If you’re looking to make the distance learning program more efficient and efficient, you can study strategies and methods for creating high-quality instruction by enrolling in an educational or instructional psychology degree program. Knowing our past for example can give us peace of mind because we’re not the first to be affected by certain events and can also help us envision the possibilities of the future. Someone who moves to another side of the world feels reassured and supported by the knowledge that thousands of others (if at all) had done this before.

An online Pomodoro timer that can improve your productivity. A company can predict the possibilities of the future based on the accomplishments of those who have made it in the past. Pomofocus is an individualized pomodoro timer for desktop and mobile browser.

It is a practice and one that is firmly rooted that is crucial to the development of humankind both on a personal and larger scales However, it also fulfills a moral obligation towards our grandparents. The purpose of this app is to help you concentrate on the task you’re working on, including writing, study or coding. It helps people continue to live their lives with a deeper knowledge of where they come from and provides them with the respect they deserve for their history . This app is based on the Pomodoro Technique which is a method of managing time that was developed in the late Francesco Cirillo. Most importantly it helps us gain a greater and deeper understanding of the things that has been handed through to us. What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Comments on this post? Any other thoughts about why it’s important to learn about the past? Do not hesitate to share your ideas on the OTA community via my Facebook page . The Pomodoro Technique is created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive method to work and study. We would be delighted for you to share your thoughts! The method uses an alarm clock to break down work into short intervals of approximately of 25 minutes each with short breaks between them. Are you interested in learning more about the ancient past? Check out a listing of the OTA’s History courses by clicking here (for Jonathan’s classes, just search for "Jonathan" within the search bar) Each interval is called"pomodoro," which is the Italian word meaning "tomato" which is a reference to the kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato that Cirillo utilized when he was a student at the university. – Wikipedia.

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Prior to the advent of modern times (ca. 1800 to present) societies were mostly rural (with the majority of the population focused on agriculture) and the economy was based predominantly on agriculture, manufacturing of goods with the help of hand and trade. 20 Universities provide Distance or Online Courses in History across the UK. However powerful and wealthy or scholarly the various civilizations around the globe changed, the fundamental conditions of life remained the same. Are you searching for History classes?

Here are a list of courses that are offered in full-time, part-timeor service online or distance-learning options. The modern era saw humanity was transformed all corners of the world. Select the appropriate college in UK for you.

The main driver for transformation is technology: through the invention of steam-driven machines, a number of economies (starting at the time of Britain) were taken over by mechanized manufacturing , which resulted in incredible levels growth in the urbanization process (see Industrial Revolution).