About Us

Borravino Wine Tours are

designed and led by

Damian Pinon.

Damian holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina.

Damian is a wine lover, who has lived in Argentina, Uruguay and has visited Chile many times. He has self-educated himself in wine, and has developed his professional career in leisure and travel. Nowadays he is focus in expanding the tours throughout Spain

The team is conformed with passionate people about wine, they used to work in other fields, one day not so long ago we decided to give up our day jobs and dedicate ourselves to what we are really love – wine and the culture surrounding it.

Borravino’s wine routes standards can be
defined in a single statement:

The mission to treat our customer in the same manner we would like to be treated when traveling abroad.

This is why all the wineries we select must meet three indisputable criteria:

their wines must be excellent;

they have to be located in beautiful surroundings; and the winemakers and vineyard personnel must be great human beings (we only want to work with people as genuine, welcoming and enthusiastic as we are).

We want you to feel at home in a strange land.

Our contact with you from the start will be close and direct. Our English is pretty good. And we’ll take care of all the details from finding restaurants that meet your dietary needs, to booking great accommodation on an overnight tour. No detail is too small.