The EODP is administered by FedNor, a federal regional development organization within Industry Canada and delivered through 15 Community Futures Development Corporations serving Eastern Ontario. This report presents the findings of the final evaluation of the Eastern Ontario Development Program . Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.

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GGI reviewed pertinent literature on community economic development with a focus on lessons learned from existing programs and practices. Examples of key sources consulted for this line of evidence include working papers on current thinking in regional economic development approaches from the Upjohn Institute, and several reports from Canadian and international sources. The evaluation concluded that in general, FedNor is playing an appropriate role in managing the EODP. There are additional opportunities for FedNor to bring its economic development knowledge to CFDCs and in the designing and scoping of community capacity building and regional projects.

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It is not possible to extend activities or the project end date into a new government fiscal year. Expanding into a target market outside of your approved project is a significant change from the original agreement. In order to pivot to a new target market, you will need to close your active project and submit a new application. Recipients can expect to receive their funding agreement by electronic mail within business days. An authorized officer of your firm will need to review, sign and return the agreement within 20 business days of the date it was ratified by NRC IRAP. We do not consider CanExport Innovation projects to be concurrent projects.

  • Nikola executives said in a conference call with analysts after its third-quarter results that it will not provide fourth quarter and full-year forecasts.
  • CanExport SMEs defines a project as the ensemble of activities for which a company requests funding in its application.
  • This approach may be limiting the progress that the program can achieve toward any one of the objectives.
  • The evaluation concluded that EODP has a catalytic effect on the behaviour of organizations and communities.

The Market Research Handbook was published annually until 2008 but is now discontinued. Provides market research, industry statistics, licensing information for intellectual property, and information about doing business internationally. The Industry Canada site features interactive applications such as customizable trade reports, cost calculators, and online business planning guides. If you’re looking for in-person help be sure to check out the BC Business Support Directoryfor help in your specific community. If this is your first time doing secondary market research you might want to follow our step-by-stepBusiness Research Basics. In the Learn Business Basics section of this website you will find curated lists of resources on many business topics from marketing, top business planning to a wide selection of free web-based tools to help you with your business development.

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Organizations, namely to engage in activities that they would otherwise not carry out. This section concludes on the relevance; design and delivery; results; performance; and alternatives for the EODP. Respondents also indicated that another 34 interns were subsequently hired by another organization in Eastern Ontario. Organizations export beyond Ontario’s borders, and 24 export internationally. Heightened awareness of CFDCs’ activities by the community was the most common unintended positive outcome of EODP cited by CFDC managers, federal government officials and stakeholders.

fp markets short list

Item 8 of Part 3 of Form F requires the issuer to complete a table disclosing the amount and source of the funds available to the issuer after completion of the offering. The issuer must ensure that the information provided to the purchaser in the completed Form F and certain of the issuer’s continuous disclosure discloses all material facts about the issuer and the securities being offered and does not contain a misrepresentation. Before soliciting purchasers under the listed issuer financing exemption, the issuer must file both the news release announcing the distribution and the completed Form F Listed Issuer Financing Document (Form F). The issuer must file these documents with the regulator or securities regulatory authority in each jurisdiction where the offering is being conducted, even if the issuer is not a reporting issuer in that jurisdiction.

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Furthermore, FedNor provides advice and input on projects for NODP, but do not provide this advice for the EODP. Evidence gathered in response to this question came largely from documents (e.g., Northern Ontario Development Fund evaluation report) and interviews with FedNor and CFDC representatives. Firms that receive assistance, often prosper at the expense of local competitors who may not have received assistance. Furthermore, firms that offer substitutes for products or services that are currently being imported should also be targeted for assistance. An examination of macro statistics reveal that retail sales increased 11.9% in Eastern Ontario from 2004 to 2007, implying that businesses expanded, however, this figure is almost four percentage points lower than the corresponding increase for Ontario overall.

CanExport SMEs reserves the right to approve or refuse amendment requests. Once you have activated your account, complete your information under My Profile and click Update. For assistance with domestic Canadian markets, we invite applicants from the agriculture and agri-food sector to consult with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. Please consult category specific exclusions under sections 5.1 to 5.7 as applicable. To be eligible, the consultant must have a specific expertise outside of what the applicant company is expected to have, and be an independent contractor.

fp markets short list

Do not confuse it with a construction project or your company’s broader expansion plans. We define target market as the country (or sub-national market) where your company wishes to secure new customers or generate sales with the help of CanExport SMEs funding. Once a project is complete, you may reapply for funding including within the same year. We determine the funding mechanism based on a risk assessment of the applicant and the project. A decision to award a grant is no guarantee that future successful applications by the same company will also receive grants.

As you conduct your secondary market research you will likely need to consult both free and deep web resources. There is a good chance that someone has written a book about starting a business in your particular industry. «How-to» books are a great starting place in business research because they contain a collection of useful information in one single resource. They often provide a good introduction to business planning specific to your industry, and many contain sample business plans. Contact your local library to see what business-related books they have in their collection.

This is expected to result in overall cost savings for the issuer conducting the distribution. An issuer conducting its own offering using the exemption should consider whether it, or any selling agents the issuer uses, may be required to be registered. Companion Policy CP gives guidance to issuers on how to apply the registration business trigger. If there has been a significant decline in working capital since the most recently audited annual financial statements, explain those changes. • We will not close this offering unless we reasonably believe we have raised sufficient funds to meet our business objectives and all liquidity requirements for a period of 12 months. The objective of the offering document is to provide information about the offering.

Offers current financial ratios by industry, based on data provided by Statistics Canada. The indicators are designed to serve as financial performance benchmarks against which individual firms and industries can be compared. Affiliates fp markets reviews of UBC, UNBC, UVic and SFU have access through Abacus Dataverse. BC Stats |Current reports and statistics from British Columbia’s central statistical agency including labour market information, economic statistics and bankruptcies.

The program helps develop export opportunities for products and services in new international markets. As illustrated earlier in Exhibit 3.13, EODP appears to have had a fairly significant and positive impact on the ability to proceed with projects and leverage additional funds. The evaluation survey revealed that only 3.8% of organizations reported that they would have proceeded with their project in the same manner if EODP funding had been unavailable. Thus, EODP funding would appear to influence organizations to undertake projects. While the documents forwarded by FedNor do not in themselves contain evidence of collaboration with other federal departments or governments (e.g., minutes from meetings), the database reveals extensive leveraging from other public sources. In interviews, CFDC and FedNor representatives explained that it is part of their role and responsibility to help project applicants seek out and apply for funding from other programs.

All expenses and activities outside of the project phase will not be eligible for reimbursement. Efforts to introduce new business lines in markets where the applicant has already made more than $100,000 in revenue or more than 10% of the company’s total sales are not eligible for CanExport SMEs funding. To determine sales in a given market, CanExport SMEs considers brick-and-mortar retail sales as well as online sales. CanExport SMEs reserves the right to validate information provided in your application. We may do so by requesting copies of your company’s financial statements or any other supporting document. CanExport SMEs is a funding program designed to promote and enhance Canada’s trade diversification efforts.

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Established in 2008, the BIA is made up of service-oriented businesses, retail stores, food vendors, restaurants, cafes and sports bars. The BIA is largely made up of restaurants, cafes, bookstores, a historic neighbourhood bakery, storefront shops, boutiques and service-providing businesses, and caters to the University of Toronto’s St. George campus. Euro zone banks still largely fail to meet the European Central Bank’s climate disclosure and management expectations, and laggards who keep failing deadlines could be forced to hold more capital, the ECB said on Wednesday.

Select a project end date that makes sense given your company’s resources. Be aware that companies can have only one active CanExport SMEs project at a time. In your application, verify that the total budget for your proposed activities is between $20,000 and $100,000. If your project necessitates travel outside of your target markets, clearly explain how these trips relate to your target market. If an item is not listed in Section 5, it does not mean that it is an eligible expense. If you are unsure about the eligibility of any of your proposed expenses, please contact us prior to undertaking the activity and incurring the expense.