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Borravino Wine Tours is the symphony of passion, mastery, and unwavering love for wine, guided by the visionary Claudio Damian Pinon.

Claudio’s journey commenced with an academic foundation in Business Administration from the University of Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina. Yet, his true calling whispered beyond textbooks and lecture halls. As a seasoned traveler and a devoted wine aficionado, Claudio embarked on a personal quest to immerse himself in the viticultural landscapes of Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. These weren’t just journeys; they were stepping stones toward becoming a true connoisseur.

Driven by self-education and insatiable curiosity, Claudio deepened his understanding of wines, fusing his passion for the grape with a profound grasp of leisure and travel. Having traversed wine cultures across continents, his sights are now set on expanding Borravino Wine Tours to the captivating corners of Spain.

Making homemade wine, at his garage, it is part of his hobbies, Practicing martials arts, swiming and lifting weights, besides reading history, makes him enjoy life!

Of course looking for new wines to be tasted is a daily ocupation for him! 


Borravino Wine Tours, Damian Claudio Pinon

The Borravino team comprises kindred souls who mirror Claudio´s fervor. Former professionals from diverse realms collectively chose to exchange office desks for a life dedicated to their one true love—wine and its encompassing culture.

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At the heart of Borravino’s ethos lies an unwavering commitment—to treat you not just as clients, but as cherished companions on a journey abroad. Our wine route benchmarks stand resolute:

Our selected wineries must yield wines of unparalleled quality,

with a special reverence for the celebrated Malbec variety in Mendoza, Tannat in Uruguay, and Carmenere in Chile.

The backdrop must be nothing short of enchanting, a canvas reflecting the region’s true splendor.

Equally crucial, the winemakers and vineyard teams must radiate the same warmth, authenticity, and zeal that define us.

With Borravino Wine Tours

Your experience is meticulously crafted to not only welcome you but also to make you feel at home in distant lands. Our communication is personal and direct, underpinned by fluency in English to ensure seamless interactions. Every nuance, irrespective of its size, commands our unwavering attention. From handpicked restaurant choices tailored to your palate to securing exceptional lodgings during overnight sojourns, consider every detail diligently handled.

We invite you to join the Borravino family, where passion entwines with expertise, and wine transcends the glass, embarking on a journey that will forever reside in your heart. Whether you seek the best wine tours, an encounter with the majestic Malbec, tantalizing culinary experiences, or an adventure for corporate groups,

Let Borravino Wine Tours be your compass.