As the golden sun dips behind the majestic Andes, casting its warm hues across the sprawling vineyards of Mendoza, a magical spectacle unfolds—the enchanting sunsets that grace the wineries of this Argentine paradise. Join us on a journey through the picturesque landscapes and velvety Mendoza sunsets that make sipping wine in Mendoza an experience like no other. In this blog post, we’ll explore the captivating sunsets at some of Mendoza’s most renowned wineries, including Viamonte, SinFin, Séptima, Andeluna, A16, and Giménez Riili.

Viamonte: A Symphony of Colors

Nestled in the heart of Mendoza, Viamonte Winery provides a front-row seat to nature’s evening masterpiece. As the sun sets behind the vines, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, reflecting off the tranquil waters of the estate’s reflective pools. Guests at Viamonte have the privilege of savoring their wines while being enveloped in the warm glow of the setting sun, making it an idyllic spot to unwind and appreciate the beauty that unfolds before them.

There are many reasons why visitors fall in love with this Mendoza sunset experience: the picturesque winery, the relaxed atmosphere, and the exquisite wines. The menu includes two glasses of wine, dessert, and tapas or a sandwich, depending on the day of the visit.

SinFin: Where the Sun Kisses the Vineyards

SinFin Winery, situated in the heart of Mendoza’s wine country, boasts a setting where the sun seems to tenderly kiss the vineyards before bidding adieu. The winery’s elevated location provides panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, enhancing the Mendoza sunset-watching experience. As the sun bathes the landscape in a warm embrace, SinFin becomes a haven for wine enthusiasts seeking not only remarkable vintages but also a front-row seat to nature’s grand finale of the day.

The ticket includes the DJ session, one glass of SinFin Guarda wine, a bottle of water, and a premium box that contains a slow-cooked pork ciabatta, tomato pesto, arugula, spiced mozzarella and caramelized onions. Veggie option available. The dessert of bitter chocolate brownie, dulce de leche, and grated coconut is only surpassed by the incredible view of the sunset.  

Séptima: Sunset Serenity Over the Andes

Perched against the backdrop of the Andes, Séptima Winery offers an unrivaled vantage point to witness the sun’s descent into the mountains. The sky transforms into a masterpiece of pinks, oranges, and purples, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Guests can enjoy Séptima’s exceptional wines on the terrace, where the rhythmic hues of the setting sun are complemented by the vineyard’s serenity, making every sip an exquisite moment of bliss.

This experience includes 2 glasses of wine and 1 glass of Vermouth, paired with 3 classic tapas. Also, the menu is available to those who wish to enhance their experience by accessing our menu, where all the other wines from the winery and additional tapas will be available. In case of bad weather, the proposal will be in an “indoor” format.

Andeluna: Twilight Elegance in the Uco Valley

In the heart of the Uco Valley, Andeluna Winery invites visitors to witness the transition from day to night in a setting of unparalleled elegance. The sunsets at Andeluna cast a soft glow over the vineyards, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and refinement. Whether enjoyed from the winery’s terrace or amidst the vines, the Mendoza sunsets at Andeluna are a poetic experience that heightens the appreciation for both nature and the winemaker’s craft.

The menu that comes with this experience is truly native: pickled delicacies, a duo of empanadas, a cheese platter, salad, and flan for dessert. To drink, one bottle of wine for every 4 people. Ideal for savoring the delightful local flavors with the unparalleled view of the sunset over the mountains, from the comfy sofas available.

A16: Mendoza Sunset Picnics in the Vineyard

A16 Winery takes the concept of sunset viewing to the next level by offering sunset picnics amidst the lush vineyards. Visitors can savor A16’s wines and gourmet picnic baskets while reclining on blankets, surrounded by the beauty of the estate. The sunsets at A16 are not merely a visual feast but a multisensory experience, where the flavors of the wines are elevated by the colors and sounds of the setting sun.

This invitation to chill out in the open spaces of the winery includes a can of wine two empanadas (vegetarian options available) and live DJ music. There is also a food truck that offers other meals, in case visitors want to enhance the flavours‘ experience.

Giménez Riili: Twilight Tastings with a View

Giménez Riili Winery, located in the mesmerizing Valle de Uco, provides a sensory extravaganza as the sun dips below the mountains. The winery’s terrace offers a stunning panorama of the valley, where guests can partake in twilight tastings.

The menu includes tapas, NY-style pizza, and cocktails at the bar. All these delicacies will be paired with live music. A perfect scenario for an unforgettable Mendoza sunset.

Mendoza Sunset at Gimenez Riili
Mendoza Sunset at Gimenez Riili Winery

Tierras Altas: Party On Mode!

For more than a century, the Arizu Family has been linked to viticulture. Today part of the fourth generation of the family works on the project and the innovation continues. The sunsets at Tierras Altas are a must: every Saturday, the winery transforms into an open-air club, and the party begins! Locals and tourists gather to dance into the Mendoza sunset. Admission includes a glass of wine.


In Summer, where chilly wine flows as freely as the breathtaking landscapes, the Mendoza sunsets become an integral part of the winery experience. From the serene vistas at Viamonte to the twilight tastings at Giménez Riili, each winery on this journey offers a unique perspective on the artistry of sunsets in the heart of Argentine wine country. So, as you raise your glass to the symphony of colors painting the Mendoza sunset sky, remember that the magic of these sunsets is a testament to the harmony between nature, wine, and the undeniable allure of this exceptional region.

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